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How To Access OnCourse Learning and Care Compliance Group Written Materials

This article will contain step by step instructions on how to acquire the written materials for OnCourse Learning and Care and Compliance Group DVDs. They use the same website for their written materials.

1. Only the video files are available on the OnCourse Learning/Care and Compliance Group DVDS, their written materials (test, answer key, instructors guide, etc.) are available digitally.

Step 1-12


2. In the DVD booklet on the left hand side you will find the instructions to access the written materials. The web address will take you directly to the topic you purchased.

Step 2


3. The web address will take you to the full PDF document that you can then print out or continue to access on the web.

Step 3-17


4. Once you have finished using the DVD please safely eject it before removing. This will help ensure the content does not become corrupted.   

Step 4-14


If you're in need of a PDF Reader, check out this article HERE

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