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How to use Uploads in a SafetySoft Course

Display the files you've added to your upload portal within a SafetySoft course.

Once you’ve uploaded your files into SafetySoft as seen here the next step beyond viewing your company's files in the system is incorporating them into a SafetySoft course. With the already existing "Downloads" section type the learner had to download and open attached files but with the new "Uploads" section type the user can view the file within the course.

1.  To do this you would go to create a new course section in your SafetySoft course and choose type “Uploads”

2. Choose from the files any from your company has uploaded in the dropdown seen in the screenshot above. Save this section and now when the learner views that section of the course they will see the selected document, image, or video in that section.


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If you have any additional questions or need help with the upload feature, please submit a ticket at the following link and one of our team members will reach out to you! https://support.safetysoft.com/kb-tickets/new