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How to Access USB Video

Please safely insert your USB into your computer to begin.

1. File Explorer will then open and provide you both Mac and PC options for our content. 

Step 1-6


2.  Select the correct option for your computer and then you will have access to the USB's content, this includes the Written Materials and the video courses. If you're using a PC then File Explorer's address bar will appear as so. Please do not let this confuse you, these videos are able to be played on your PC.

Step 2-11


3. Once you have finished using the USB please safely eject it before removing. This will help ensure the content does not become corrupted.

Safely Remove Hardware with Arrow


If you need Adobe Reader or a media player please check out these links to other topics in our Knowledge Base:

Adobe Reader

VLC Media Player

If you are still experiencing difficulties please submit a ticket with the link below:


Someone from our Support Team, including myself, will be in contact with you as soon as possible!