How to Download SCORM Dispatches

This article will walk you through how to access your SCORM dispatch files.

1. Begin on your Dashboard under 'My Courses' and select 'View My Dispatches'.

Step 2-23

2. To download your Dispatches you can check the box next to 'Dispatched For' to select all of them and then select download. This will create a mass download of your dispatches. If you would like to download your dispatch individually you can click on the blue downward arrow next to the course title. 

Step 1-17


The file will download into a .zip file. When uploading this file we recommend uploading the whole folder rather than opening the file. 

When mass downloading, the files will condense to one main zip file. When uploading to your LMS, please open the main zip file then select each smaller zip file individually to upload. Do not click into those smaller zip files, only click on them once to select them for upload.


If you are still experiencing difficulties please submit a ticket with the link below:

Someone from our Support Team, including myself, will be in contact with you as soon as possible!